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Agreements for Purchase and Sale
Provide advice concerning useful and necessary terms of contracts and draft contracts for the purchase and sale of real property of all kinds. Agreements may be installment agreements (land contracts), owner financed with a note and mortgage, simple purchase agreements for non-owner financing or complex multiparty acquisition agreements.

Condominiums, Residential and Commercial Subdivisions
Prepare subdivision and condominium declarations and covenants; create homeowner’s and condominium owners associations; and represent clients in all land use, zoning and other governmental regulation proceedings.

Closings and Deed Preparation
Review title work; prepare, assemble and record all necessary closing documents including deeds and closing statements; and close the transaction, order the issuance of the final policy of title insurance.

Draft, define and describe easements for all parties and represent clients seeking to enforce, terminate or limit the application of easements.

Ejectments, Commercial and Multifamily Properties
Foreclosure and Collection: Provide complete collection services, including the use of receivers and other recovery procedures. Services include mortgage and mechanic lien foreclosure and applications for ejectment for land contract holders and landlords.

Security agreements, Land Contracts and Mortgages: Prepare all necessary documents for financing real property.

Draft leases, review, analysis and counsel on leases prepared by others.

Mechanic's Liens
Prepare and file mechanic's liens; initiate and prosecute proceedings to foreclose, defend improper filings.

Opinions of Counsel
Render opinions of counsel to lenders on behalf of lenders, mortgagees and mortgagors of commercial real estate.

Restrictive Covenants
Draft restrictive covenants for subdivisions, industrial developments and condominiums.

Subdivision Development
Handle all phases of subdivision development, zoning and land use changes, plat approval and restrictive covenants; and create the homeowner's association.

Tax Free Exchanges (§1031)
Prepare all documents necessary to complete a tax free exchange under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Title Policy Review
Review title policy commitments for liens and other restrictions that limit the buyer's use of the land.

Zoning and Land Use
Represent land owners and buyers during all aspects of a request for zoning change.

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