What we do

Review title work; order the issuance of the final policy of title insurance; assemble all necessary closing documents; prepare closing statements; close the transaction and record all necessary documents.

Document Preparation
Prepare necessary loan documents, including loan agreements, promissory notes, mortgages, security agreements, financing statements, guarantees, corporate resolutions and certifications.

Document Review
Review loan documents, including loan commitments, to ensure creation of valid debt and necessary security interests.

Opinions of Counsel
Render opinions of counsel to lenders in conjunction with the financing of commercial transactions.

Representation of Borrowers and Lenders
Represent borrowers and lenders in commercial and residential finance transactions, including HUD and SBA loans.

Title Policy Review
Review title policy commitments for liens and other restrictions that may affect the borrower’s use of real property offered as collateral.

Thomas S. Botkin,
Bruce D. Huntington,

Telephone: (574) 234-3900