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Please call me concerning the areas of interest listed below. This NONCONFIDENTIAL communication does not establish an attorney-client relationship. I understand that my name and telephone number are required to enable this e-mail message to be sent.

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You are not a client of our firm until we agree to represent you. We cannot represent you until we have determined that we do not have a conflict with the firm's existing clients. Do not send us any information about any matter until you speak with one of our attorneys and receive our authorization to send such information to us. The best way for you to initiate a possible representation is to call us at (574) 234-3900. Our staff will put you in contact with a lawyer with whom you may discuss your needs or you may ask to speak with the lawyer of your choice.

You may use this page to initiate a contact, but do not send any information other than a brief description of the reason for the inquiry. Be sure to include your telephone number so we can contact you. We are always seeking new clients. We place restrictions on initial contacts because of ethical considerations and, most importantly, to protect you from disclosing information which could be used in ways not in your interests. Once you are a client of the firm, these restrictions will not limit or be a part of our representation.