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Contracts, Agreements, Corporate Formation

Non-Disclosure Agreements
Before you work with a machine shop to help you build a prototype, or bring in a partner to help consult on the design of your invention, you should contact us so that we can help you plan a patent strategy that will prevent loss of your rights through disclosure of your invention.  Botkin & Hall LLP is a full service law firm that can provide you with Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality agreements which will prevent others from stealing your invention and protect your ability to get a patent.

License/Sale Agreements
Once you have found investors or a party interested in buying or licensing your invention, you will need legal counsel to help protect your interests and prevent others from taking advantage of you.  We have experience structuring patent deals and will fight for your interests at the bargaining table.

Corporate Formation
You should consider forming a corporation to hold the rights to you patent.  Selling your invention as an individual can cause liability to attach to you if someone is hurt by your invention.  Proper planning can prevent personal liability and provides many other benefits.  Contact us today and we will help you decide what type of corporation is best for you and will help you set up your corporation. Click here to learn about our other corporate services.

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