Inventors & Patents

We help inventors all over the country.  If you think you have a patentable invention click here to learn how we can help you patent your invention regardless of where you live. 

We will work with you to tailor a patent strategy that meets your needs.  We will help you determine whether a Utility patent, Provisional patent application or Design patent best fits your needs.  More information on the different types of patent applications can be found here

Our patent attorneys hold engineering degrees, are registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and have the technical expertise needed to quickly understand your invention and work with you to protect it.  We also work with a team of Technical Specialists who can assist you with the development of your invention.

What We Do 
We work with inventors to obtain patents on their inventions.  Our goal is to help you obtain a patent.  We do not evaluate the market for products based on the invention nor do we assist with marketing or financing.  We also help with other aspects of intellectual property law and commercial law.

Botkin & Hall, LLP has been helping inventors protect their inventions for over 100 years.  Click here to view a list of some of the clients we serve

Questions?  Call (877) 234-3900 and ask for Garrick Lankford or Michael Marston.