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Inventions – Patents – Nationwide

We can help you patent your invention regardless of where you live by following these three easy steps:

Step 1. Once you’ve decided to retain our firm contact us using the form on the contact page. Provide your name and address and general description of your invention. We will review the information you provide and will respond to inform you whether we will represent you. Our decision to represent you will be based in part on whether representing you would cause a conflict of interest with an existing client.

Step 2. If we agree to represent you, we will contact you to discuss your invention and provide you with an estimate of our fees. Click here for more discussion on our fee policy.

Step 3. If we agree to work with one another, we’ll send you an engagement letter and invention disclosure form for you to sign and return with a down payment, or retainer. Once we’ve received the signed engagement letter and retainer we’ll begin working on your patent.

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