Andrew Chabot



Holy Cross College

University of Notre Dame Law School – J.D.

Andrew Chabot was born and raised in Mishawaka, graduated from Holy Cross College, and after earning his law degree from the University of Notre Dame, has focused his legal career right here in his hometown.

While in law school, Andrew worked with the Economic Justice Clinic and Economic Development Clinic, defending victims of wrongful foreclosure, conversion, and eviction, assisting startup nonprofit organizations with regulatory compliance, structural formation, and real estate acquisitions, and fighting for consumers’ rights against national and international financial institutions.

After law school, Andrew’s work has included research on cutting-edge legal issues, assisting through all phases of litigation, from Complaint / Answer through trial in front of Judge and Jury, including complex
matters, such as Multidistrict Litigation, and guiding individuals and small business owners through formation, assignment, trust administration, and other transactions.

Andrew has a demonstrated passion for helping people, for solving complex problems, and for developing proficiency along the way. He has spent a significant portion of his time in private practice working as a Satellite Attorney with the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Volunteer Attorney Panel for Civil Rights Cases. These programs have given him the opportunity to represent the
interests of clients who would otherwise have no representation, a bedrock principle for all Indiana lawyers.