Michael D. Marston, Partner

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Michigan State University – B.S. Mechanical Engineering (1997)

Wayne State University Law School – J.D. (2006)

Michael D. Marston is an intellectual property attorney whose practice includes Patent Litigation, Trade Secret Litigation, Trademark Litigation, Patent Prosecution, opinion work, and design around solutions to avoid infringement of existing patents.  He has litigated patent cases in a number of different venues, including the U.S. District Courts for the Northern District of Indiana, Northern District of Illinois and Southern District of New York, as well as the International Trade Commission (ITC) and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Some of Michael’s intellectual property cases involved:

  • Bringing multiple infringement actions regarding a consumer electronics patent he wrote and obtaining favorable settlements which removed infringing products from the market;
  • Winning at the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to reverse a District Court’s dismissal of a patent infringement action and obtaining a favorable settlement;
    Bringing an infringement action against a major supplier to the RV industry in order to protect the sales of a $50 million product line and successfully ending infringing sales, and;
  • Defending a start-up company after a former employer sued, in attempts to end the business, and obtaining a favorable settlement.

Michael has extensive experience with obtaining patents in numerous technical areas and has been an inventor himself while designing solutions to avoid patent infringement for his clients.  His background as a practicing engineer for six years at a Robert Bosch GmbH enables him to provide solutions to help his clients avoid infringement by assisting with the design of non-infringing products.  Additionally, he maintains a professional engineering license in the state of Michigan.  He has extensive experience in all aspects of patent prosecution in both United States and international jurisdictions.  He excels at obtaining protection when doing so is difficult due to similar existing products.  He has also obtained patents after winning appeals at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) or through the Request for Continued Examination process.  His experience in patent prosecution includes the following areas:

* Automotive
* Consumer electronics
* Waste Water Treatment
* Biotechnology
* Production machinery
* Battery Technology
* Business method patents
* Recreational vehicle sealing systems
* Recreational vehicle mechanical systems
* Hydraulic machinery
* Consumer electronics

Michael has extensive experience in transactional matters related to intellectual property, such as licensing agreements, joint venture agreements, non-disclosure agreements, mergers and acquisitions. In addition to litigating patent and trademark matters, he has litigated federal employment cases and shareholder disputes in state courts.

Bar Admissions:
United States Patent and Trademark Office

Court Admissions:
Northern District of Indiana
Eastern District of Michigan
Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

Representative Patents:

7584720 – Canine Habitat

7607365 – Drive Mechanism for an Extendable Member

7623024 – Adjustable Door Chime with Interchangeable Parts

7627981 – Rodent Trap

7627995 – Post Frame Building Bracket and Method of Use

7644971 – Expandable Motor Home

7651242 – Vehicle Warning Lamp

7654553 – Fifth Wheel Coupling with Safety Latch

7673945 – Safety Harness

7686177 – Uncoupling Lever Assembly

7703792 – Rotational Trailer Hitch Coupling Assembly

7739975 – Roll Formed Pontoon and Method of Manufacture

7758103 – Hydraulic Lift for Top of Mobile Living Quarters

7770910 – Safety Latch for Fifth Wheel Coupling

7966916 – Tool Locking System

7984537 – Method of Shot Peening Coil Springs

8052191 – Hinged Vapor Wall

8056463 –  Vehicle Window Cover

8056509 – Articulated Pressure Regulator with Pivotal Linkage with Respect to Animal Drinker

8083087 – Vessel Lock Down System

8087430 – Leak Detecting Hose

8091948 – Flush-closing Window for Motor Vehicles and Method, Guide Track System and Pin Assembly Therefor

8123936 – Wastewater Treatment System with Ultraviolet Unit

8127645 – Method and Apparatus for Machining Parts of Partial Revolution

8141472 – Vehicle Window Cover

8193446 – Wall Mount Electrical Box

8201429 – Blanking Line Using Slitter as Feeder

8220818 – Sliding Towing Assembly

8237037 – Electric Spoon

8249921 – Method for Facilitating a Transaction between Buyers and Sellers

8262826 – Insulation Wrap

8267410 – Liftable Ramp Trailer

8267455 – Expandable Trailer

8308200 – Quick Connect Hose-in-hose Coupler

8328168 – Submerged Aerator

8356721 – Spring Retainer

8366168 – Overlapping Complementary Bulb Seal

8382124 – Corner Seal Device

8408625 – Corner Seal

8434170 – Toilet Ventilation System

8448610 – Animal Leg Cover

8474871 – Vehicle Frame

8479568 – Apparatus for Measuring Variations in Flatness

8479757 – Tie Down Anchor

8539874 – Military Vehicle Window Cover

8540101 – Filter Housing with Liftable Lid

8590733 – Filter Housing with Liftable Lid

8608253 – Locking Hub

8618416 – Water Tight Outlet Cover

8628283 – Seed Transporter

8651065 – Heated Animal Water Tank

8672340 – Sliding Hitch Assembly Capture Plate

8672521 – Digitized Photograph in Translucent Medium

8714099 – Pontoon Framing System

8715587 – Vent Booster

8727137 – Filter Housing with Removable Cyclone Cage

8763931 – Awning Mist System

8764122 – Wheel Locking Cap with Live Hinges

8807496 – Camera Mount

8820794 – Hose-in-hose Coupler

8827219 – Quick Release Plate

8857646 – Filter Housing with Liftable Lid

8870190 – Tonneau Cover Seal

8876142 – Adapter with S-Cam

8894038 – Trailer Lifting Jack

8944524 – Wheel with Locking Center Bore

9010794 – Universal Fit Fifth Wheel Trailer Safety Device

9016641 – Appliance Bracket

9033390 – Edge Seal with Sidewall Seal

9038322 – Adjustable Resilient Seal with Bendable Bulb Portions

9038408 – Wastewater Effluent to Geothermal Heating

9068355 – Floor Covering Transition

9114680 – Sliding Hitch Assembly Capture Plate

9126305 – Shot Peening Flow Rate Control

9200700 – Motion Control System

9248714 – Adapter with S-Cam

9290213 – Multi-Level Trailer

9398796 – Hair Styling Device

9409532 – Edge Seal with Sidewall Seal

9505357 – Combination Splash Seal and Wear Bar

9528271 – Rooftop Support Base

9533629 – Combination Splash Seal and Wear Bar

9540059 – Fifth Wheel Trailer Safety Device

9725026 – Cuttably Replaceable Slide-out Seal

9796321 – Combination Splash Seal and Wear Bar


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