The Lawyers of Botkin & Hall, LLP

The lawyers at Botkin & Hall, LLP have earned a reputation for unparalleled client service in representations ranging from individual inventors and small start-up companies, medium to large institutional clients and multinational corporations, to essentially anyone who is in need of the top-notch service we always aim to provide. Whether you seek representation in intellectual property, business, or even family law matters, we here at Botkin & Hall, LLP carry on a tradition of over 120 years of providing legal excellence.

Our lawyers serve clients by first understanding their specific needs and then offering strategic legal advice and smart, practical solutions to real world problems. We are quick to collaborate in order to protect the best interests of each client and service their needs with efficiency and responsiveness. We also make it a point to become an integral part of the communities we serve and are proud to have strengthened bonds both within our firm and in our community as a whole.

Botkin & Hall, LLP maintains an on-site and internet based library covering the laws of all 50 States, Federal Courts and the U.S. Code, including the entire Thomson Reuters Library on Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights.

Botkin & Hall, LLP has also developed relationships with law firms throughout the world. With lawyers in such diverse locations as Shanghai, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Canada, South America, Europe and elsewhere, Botkin & Hall, LLP can handle a variety of assignments, including international patent and trademark services.

The lawyers at Botkin & Hall, LLP are personally committed to our clients’ success and are ready to work aggressively to protect your best interests in just about any legal situation.


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